A Cursed Flock of Birds – Rui Ha Tomo wo Yobu

    みんな僕らに、 呪われている。”

A little known fact about me: I’m an enormous Hino fanboy. Some of you might be shocked at this. Some of you probably knew. Some of you probably can’t imagine why, since what you know of Hino comes from a… rather, in my opinion, off translation of his game that didn’t really showcase his writing style, whilst also being his game with the most readily apparent surface issues. So, I figured that making a full post about not only my favorite game by him, but one of my absolutely favorite eroge in general, would be a good way to showcase why he is my favorite writer out of everyone I’ve discovered from reading eroge. With some added hope that I might be able to… somewhat clear up some odd misunderstandings that people have of this game.

Oh, and as a preliminary note, I won’t be going too deep into the fandisc’s theme of 明日 in this post, for reasons I explain below, but I do loosely talk about the fandisc and the quality of its parts, since it’s impossible to avoid. And of course, the fandisc has the theme of 呪い deeply ingrained into it as well, so you can somewhat take what I say here as applicable to the fandisc too.

And with the introductions out of the way, let’s get going. This is a bit of a long one.

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A Cursed Flock of Birds – Rui Ha Tomo wo Yobu