Isekai — A World of Possibilities


Isekai (異世界) has become a word many people involved in the subculture in the West —whether they’re fans of anime, manga, or light novels— have seen more and more frequently. The term is gaining traction especially now. You can find the term either in the titles of certain anime and manga or, more commonly so, in the title of a light novel.
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Isekai — A World of Possibilities

Hideyuki Kurata: Beyond Bibliophilia


Hideyuki Kurata, the writer of Read or Die and the good episodes in Samurai Flamenco, has once purchased more than 100K USD worth of DVDs in two years. He owns every single edition of Die Hard. Why? Because, according to him, Bruce Willis fuckin’ rocks. The same thing happens with every other mainstream movie franchise you can think of.

He also writes in his essay collection, Kurahon: Kurata no Kuradashi (倉本倉田の蔵出し): Women exist either in paper or in a JPG (perhaps a MPEG) for me.

Magazines, manga, encyclopedias, hardcovers, limited editions, eroge, dakimakura — you name it, he buys it. Size and price are meaningless to his credit card. All he does is buy. His life is a dream come true to many people.

But isn’t this life a bunch of nothings? Isn’t this just squandering? What kind of life is that?

He has heard all the questions regarding his eccentric lifestyle. Hideyuki is probably sick of hearing them because, to him, the answer is quite simple. You only need one word to understand everything about his life. That word is passion.

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Hideyuki Kurata: Beyond Bibliophilia